API’s we have worked with

API’s related to Payments Stripe, Paypal, Worldpay, PayMill,  Realex Payments API’s related to Communications Twilio,  Plivo,  Webtext,  Esendex, Blackstone,  MailGun,  Sendgrid,  Mandrill API’s related to Accounting/Payroll BulletHQ, Sage Micropay,  Kashflow API’s related to Infrastructure, such as Domain names & hosting AWS SES, AWS Route53, AWS EC2, AWS S3, NameCheap, Digital Ocean, Github, Bitbucket, Google Custom Search API’s related to Social Networks Linkedin, Twitter, […]

Use Teamwork with Bitbucket as an Issue Tracker

We use Teamwork on a daily basis to list our Tasks for the whole team to work on.  We also use Bitbucket to store our projects. For the developers in the team, they can see the tasks and client communication in Teamwork but for clients and project managers, they can’t easily see the activity going […]

Comparing DeployHQ, Deploy.do and dploy.io for deployments

  Name URL Price for 20 projects Pricing page DeployHQ https://www.deployhq.com/ 15 Euro/month https://www.deployhq.com/packages Deploy.do https://www.deploy.do/ 199 Euro /month https://www.deploy.do/pricing Dploy.io http://dploy.io/ 18 Euro/month http://dploy.io/ I used the above 3 services to deploy the same repository from Bitbucket to the same Digital Ocean droplet, located in Amsterdam, 512mb RAM, Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP stack Ease of […]