How to send and receive emails with Mandrill is an email delivery system which is ideal for use in web applications to send and receive emails. Mandrill is developed by Mailchimp, the company behind the very successful email marketing software at In the past, I wrote a quick guide, with code samples on how to use Mandrill to send email templates designed […]

API’s we have worked with

API’s related to Payments Stripe, Paypal, Worldpay, PayMill,  Realex Payments API’s related to Communications Twilio,  Plivo,  Webtext,  Esendex, Blackstone,  MailGun,  Sendgrid,  Mandrill API’s related to Accounting/Payroll BulletHQ, Sage Micropay,  Kashflow API’s related to Infrastructure, such as Domain names & hosting AWS SES, AWS Route53, AWS EC2, AWS S3, NameCheap, Digital Ocean, Github, Bitbucket, Google Custom Search API’s related to Social Networks Linkedin, Twitter, […]